how to lose weight fast and easy


You should treat high calorie food as a very rare thing. Some foods have low calories and some have high. Every food you go to buy, there is a list of everything marked on the wrapper of that food. You should buy those foods which have low fat and low calories. If you eat 3600 calories then that is equal to 1 pound of weight. Treat high calorie food with care. Prefer vegetables with green leaves. They have almost no calories and no fats.


It’s a formula that 3600 calories increase 1 pound in your weight.
In Daily breakfast, you should have just one glass of beverage like Milk Shake, Banana Shake or Juice of Apple because it is one glass of juice is equal to about 250 to 300 calories. And rest of your day should go with 6 glasses of water. If you manage to drink 8 glasses of water then you are leading in the right direction.
Try to drink mineral water instead of tap water because minerals are good for your stomach.


Take 1 glass of hot water before having breakfast because when your stomach is empty, the water will clean it and you will have fresh breath all the day.

REMEMBER: Never ever in your entire life have glasses of water at the end of any meal. You can drink water before starting meal or when you have eaten half of you meal you can drink water but in the end if you drink water, it’s going to cause a stool problems because liquid will lie in above position inside your stomach.


You must be wondering that you will look strange holding a diary everywhere in your hands. Well actually creating a list does not mean that you need a diary. This is a modern era in which there is mobile phone in every human’s hands. Every mobile has a notepad and a draft folder depending on its type, if it’s not the case then at least every mobile has an option to keep text saved. You can take an advantage of this property of your mobile and keep a list of whatever you eat and drink on daily basis. By doing so you will have interest to see which thing you eat has greater amount of calories and which thing has lower. In this manner you will be able to cut out of the list those things which have more calories and you will lead to a healthy and managed life. Those people who keep a track of what they do are always successful than those who don’t know what they ate and did yesterday.


Almost in every house of United States and modern countries like Ukraine, Australia, France there is a habit of eating three meals a day. Actually three meals a day is not a requirement of human body. Only one large meal and two very small meals are the requirement of the human body. It’s said in Asian countries that, “ A human who eats three meals a day is like a sheep which keeps on  eating grass the whole.” Also it’s all upon you when you want to have one large meal and two small meals.

It is recommended that you should have a strong breakfast which makes you able to survive till noon and then have a lunch which should be like eating around 15 bites of meal and then eat very little in night. Remember that never go to sleep without eating in a little in night because if you go to sleep without eating then it causes OLD AGE. You will become older before its real time.
Also remember that having a cup of tea in evening is excluded of these meals.


You must be thinking a brisk walking advice is a thing of modern era. If you are thinking so then you are wrong 1000 years ago it was believed that brisk walking for half of an hour can over problems like irregular blood pressure, over weightiness, laziness in the body. And yes the latest science has also confirmed it that if a person figures out what the advantages of brisk walking are then he will never walk slowly.
What is brisk walking? Brisk walking is not like jogging. Brisk walking is to walk with such a speed that a nearby person around you thinks that you are in real hurry but you are not supposed to run . To walk briskly, you will have to double the number of steps taken per minute that you used to take before brisk walking.
For brisk walking, you don’t have to take out an extra time from your usual works. Understand it like this. Suppose you have to walk to the end of the street to meet a friend and his house is at a distance of 3 minutes. Then you will have to walk till his home briskly and there you have done 2 minutes of brisk walking. Similarly divide your 30 minutes of brisk walking into 4 to 5 minutes of short brisk walking and as a total your total time of brisk walking in a day should either reach or exceed 30 minutes in this manner. Isn’t it simple?

Other but expensive way is that buy a pedometer and start brisk walking or running on it. Walk or run on it for about 4000 to 5000 steps. 500 steps are covered in five minutes easily. So if you take a break after every 500 steps then it will give you a boost to increase your stamina so that next time you are able to take a break after 1000 steps or even more. 5000 steps can be taken easily in 30 minutes. Or you can do it separately for 5 minutes each time. If it is really hard for you walk or run for 5000 steps then decrease the steps down to 2000. It will help you balance your actual weight a lot.
1000 steps are almost equal to 1 kilometer. Walking or running 4000 to 5000 steps will make you able to walk about 5 kilometers which is best for people more than 30 years.
For young people aged fewer than 30, they should complete 6000+ steps i.e. about 6 miles.

The reason why walking and running are advised for over weight people is because almost everybody in USA or UK has cars or bikes. Only a few people choose to walk and this is because they don’t have any vehicle. So walking keeps human body in stability.

If you are a house wife and you don’t often go outside of your house then you can inside of you house. Keep counting your steps while strolling. Complete 500 steps in one round of stroll.
Use a heart rate meter which calculates for you how much calories you burnt in a day. After a couple of weeks, add up all the calories burnt each day and if you succeeded to burnt 3600 calories then it means you lost one pound.


If 3600 calories can increase a unit in your weight then it’s time to maintain a ratio between calories. If you are able to consume more calories than you take in then this is the point where you start succeeding to lose weight.


An observation shows if you keep wearing some tight clothes like if you fasten your belt to tight and use fitted clothes then to some extent it will help you in stopping growing more weight. If you are female then you can wear clothes having belts too. Keeping you belt tight will help you not feel hungry for longer and even if you feel hungry you can limit your stomach to eat more.


The larger the plates and glasses are in front of you; the more you are going to eat and drink. Keep your meal plates of smaller size so that even if you fill it full you will still eat lesser than before.


If you eat salads while having meal of vegetables or meat then it will fulfill the thirst in your body. A research says that if you are having salads with meal then calories are decreased in your body.


If you prefer vegetable and salad with meat rather than just meat then it will overcome extra calories you take in your body.


A research has proven that powdered milk contains some amount of melamine which is extremely dangerous for you kidneys. Because melamine does not dissolve and it remains in very tiny small balls shape. What melamine does is that it sticks and gets trapped in kidneys and after sometime blocks the path of blood in the kidney. So avoid powdered milk and switch to dairy milk.


Very promising way to keep your weight low is to keep fast. In Asia and East side of the world there are people who have been keeping fasts for many years and stay young and slim. The way they fast is that that they do not eat or drink from morning till sunset anything and then after sunset they open their fast and start their meal. Before starting fasting, they just have a short meal and drink two to three glasses of water.
A scientific research says that if a person keeps himself away from any kind of meal or drink from morning till evening, then he is likely to have control on his brain and wills forever.
So try to keep fast from morning till sunset once in a week. On holiday it will be easier.


Having alcohol is a bad for health. It makes a human lose mind and weakens brain. A person doesn’t even remember who he is and can harm anyone unintentionally. Alcohol causes brain to stay focus on what human likes. Fasting is a step which can kill habit of having alcohol beverages.


If you hug and kiss your partner or friend daily then it will burn 20,000 calories a year because hugging and kissing enhances hormones and energy is consumed.


If you prefer to eat at home homemade meals than going out and eating in a restaurant then it will be profitable for you because plates and spoons in restaurants are used by different kinds of people having different diseases which can reach you accidently, so try to eat at home.


Doctors prefer that one should stop eating at that point when he feels his stomach is going to get full. You must keep your stomach a little empty so that you can feel relaxed than overloaded. A mannered way of eating is like to drink a glass of water before starting meal, then have a glass of water during meal. Never drink water after meal or else it will cause major stomach problems. Main reason of stomach disease is drinking water at the end of meal.


The best way of drinking water is to drink one glass of water in three steps. Never drink a whole glass of water in just one breathes. Doctors say liver diseases are mainly caused due to drinking water directly in one breathes.


If you stop taking too many sweets like ice creams, cold drinks, juices then you will notice that you are enjoying eating fruits a lot. You will experience the natural taste of fruits once if you have stopped yourself from taking other artificial sweets. Eating fruits directly has it’s own fun.


A person who wakes up in the morning has an advantage over a person who wakes up late in when it’s almost noon. He who wakes up earlier does not feel laziness. If you wake up earlier then you will never lose the refreshing sight of twilight which will give you an inner peace. He who wakes up late almost loses his whole day. A nice way to wake up in morning is to go to sleep earlier in night. In this manner you will able to wake up early in the morning.


Taking bath after having meal is not a good act. Because if you eat and then go to take a bath right away then the blood which was sent to your stomach will be sent to your skin to resist against the effects of water and in this manner the meal which you had will be left unattended by your brain and will cause trouble and obesity.

Minimum amount of calorie is threshold amount of calorie which is defined in medical science as metabolic rate which is the quantity of calories that a human body requires to perform usual steps for example blinking eyes, taking breathe, sending signals from brain to legs and fingers etc. That particular amount of calorie which BMR tells you is actually the amount of calorie you are going to balance in your daily life. If you keep this aim in mind that you will not let increase the amount of calorie than what BMR tells you then you are one step closer to success in losing weight.

There are a lot of gadgets available in market which calculates for you the amount of calorie you burn every day. You should wear that gadget in hand and then calculate for a couple of weeks how much calorie you manage to consume. If you succeed to consume more than 3600 calories then it is almost one pound of weight that you have lost. Remember that change in body gets constant in forty days. Suppose of you keep on working on consuming calories for forty days then it will become your habit and you will get used to it. Trying anything for forty days is a must do thing.

Whenever you buy any food or drink from market, make a habit of checking the amount of calories that are contained in it. Add the total amount of calories that you have in one day and compare it with you threshold calories required by your body and of the calories you are having are more than the threshold amount of calories required then chances are you are going to get fat in some months.

Understand the concept of calories with this example which is often found in medical books.
Suppose threshold amount calories required by your body is 1000 calories and you burn extra 1000 calories by going to gym, running, jogging and cycling and swimming. Then the amount of calorie you require daily is 2000 calories. And you are having 2170 calories daily then subtract your required calories from the taken calories i.e. 2170 – 2000 = 170 calories. This indicates that you are having 170 calories which are not needed. And when these extra 170 calories sum up to 3600 in three weeks approximately then you will have your weight increased by 1 pounds because 3600 calories are equal to one pound.

Remember that:

·         Colas, Alcohols, Breads and Sugar are strong acidic in nature. They create acid inside stomach.
·         Legumes, Nuts, Meat, Dairy milk and Fish are slightly acidic in nature.
·         Water is neutral, it is neither acidic nor alkaline in nature.
·         Vegetables and fruits are slightly basic (alkaline having bitter taste) in nature.
·         Green Spices, watermelon and other different spices are strongly basic in nature.

The fastest way to burn calories is to exercise for 30 minutes. Continuous exercises of different kinds will lead in consumption of huge amount of calories which will lead you to lose weight as soon as possible if you have commitment to do it.

Cardio exercises are very effective in losing weight and take your health to a better level. Calories are consumed like dry sticks burnt in fire during cardio exercises and cardio exercises are good for heart. There are different types of cardio exercises in which some require tools and some don’t require any tool and you can do them at home safely.
        Diet and eat only grapes.
Many experts recommend grape-fruit-diet because it loses weight for those who are really over weighted. Grapes contain Vitamin C which is good for eyes, Sodium, Potassium and fiber. Grape fruit can help you lose your total amount of calories present in the body. If you really want to do whatever it takes to lose weight then if you would like to only have grapes for forty days and nothing else then you can lose about 27 to 30 pounds of weight in just forty days. But it’s really hard to just rely on grapes and eat nothing else.

Successful way to keep you healthy and reduce weight as well is to eat food without cooking.
The best way to keep yourself healthy without increase calories and fats in your body is to eat raw fruits and vegetables without cooking them at all. Eat them directly. Foods like Carrots, Tomatoes, Curly flowers, Salads can be eaten directly without cooking them. If you eat them without cooking then you will take in more amounts of vitamins and less amount of calories and fats. Because burning food can results in lowering vitamins and increasing calories and fats due to the use of oil and other ingredients.

Tomato and cucumber are foods which take too much calories from your body to get consumed. In this manner you can lower amount of calorie in your body.

Eggs contain protein, calcium and Vitamin B12 which are very useful in losing weight. Always try to eat boiled eggs.

Spices can make metabolism rate in your rate to go faster and burn fats. Spicy meals aren’t too much dangerous. Having a spicy meal once or twice in a week will increase some level of acids and can be helpful in burning fats.

Sugar makes able your body to store fats. Lowering the consumption of sugar can make you able to start fight against fatness and obesity and over weight.

Research in proved that drinking a glass of pomegranate daily helps removing extra fat from your belly. Pomegranate are very useful for kidneys.

In order how to lose belly fats and turn your tummy flat, do the following exercises daily.

This exercise is very effective and thousands of gym and exercise experts have recommended this exercise to be the most useful belly flattening exercise. In this exercise, you are supposed not to eat anything before starting up this exercise. You can do this exercise after waking up because after waking up your stomach is empty. Or you can do this exercise after 2 hours when you have eaten something so that stomach doesn’t have anything in it.

Exercise is that, lie down on a carpet or floor facing upwards. Place your both hands under your head in a way that your head comes over your right hand and your left hand comes under your right hand. Slowly Raise both of your legs straightly to an angel of about 45 to 60 degrees or as much as you can but do not rise completely straight up to 90 degrees. Now here you have to do the main part. Take a deep breathe and shrink and bend closer your legs towards your stomach and at the same time start raising your head. A point will come that you will not be able to bend more your legs or raise head to further level. At this point your elbows will be touching your knees. Now for two second keep yourself in that position and now slowly try to move your legs and head back to the same position keeping them lifted in air and release your breathe. Repeat this for 10 times in one round. You have to do 3 rounds of this exercise daily. It’ll take 5 minutes minimum to do this exercise daily.

Remember that you will be feeling slight ache directly in your stomach because this is the main tummy flattening exercise. So don’t worry about it. It’s a good sign. You are not supposed to do this exercise quickly. Keep your every move in slow motion. It is guaranteed that if you make a firm commitment to do this exercise daily you will lose unwanted weight and size of your tummy and your tummy will get slimmer in 40 days. It’s true that 40 days are a not fewer days but it is promised that you will start finding getting slimmer in a week.
Keeps a waist measuring tape or tool with your self and note down your waist after every 5 days or a week. You can increase the rounds of doing this exercise from 3 to 5. In this manner the process of getting slim gets faster.

Cycling turns abdomen (tummy) of human body flat, helps in getting six pack abs and helps in losing extra unwanted weight as well. Those people who use bi-cycles or mountain bike for travelling, they are never found fat and chubby. Cycling is another exercise highly recommended by experts in gyms. Cycling is also necessary for increasing stamina. Cycling is very easy exercise and plays a vital and main role in getting your tummy (abdomen) flat. Human of any age and any gender can ride a bi-cycle.
If you have a cycle then that is good but if you don’t have it then it’s very cheap and easily available in super markets. You can buy a bi-cycle online as well. Everyone can afford a bi-cycle. If you feel shy in riding a bi-cycle then there are special-purpose cycles specially designed for exercises and available in market too. This special-purpose exercise cycle remains fixed on the floor and provides a variety of skill levels. You can order exercising cycles online too.

3. Ab Rocket

This is a very handy equipment and with this tool you can definitely lose weight on your stomach and get you stomach flat. This will help you have six pack abs easily because by using this device you will notice yourself that it is directly making an impact on your tummy. In order to check this device kindly click the following link.


Following are the best weight loss tips for women.
It’s a fact that women have more chances of getting fat and overweighed than men because most of women are housewife and they stay in home all the day as compared to men. Women can also get overweighed and chubby due to disorder in their periods and issues of pregnancy. So women should be very careful when it comes to taking care of their weight.

Breakfast is like a necessary part of our daily life. None of our days starts without of breakfast. It’s been observed that those women who make their breakfast at home and take care of what they are going to have in breakfast are found slimmer than having ready made breakfasts with high amount of calories and fats. Making your own breakfast at home is also a kind of exercise because when you go to stand in front of a stove it makes you get sweating and as a result you are exhausted and burn fats, which is a good sign.
Start making your own breakfast like half fried egg with very minimum amount of cooking oil. Use oil about 3 tea spoons only.
Also you can make boiled eggs in your breakfast. You will have to boil an egg for about 10 to 15 minutes and it’s ready.
You can use cereals with proteins and vitamins in high amount and calories and fats in low amount.
The best breakfast is Honey juice. This juice is like descendant from heavens. Method of preparing it is that take 3 to 4 teaspoons of honey in a warm water glass. Stir it completely and enjoy it. It is guaranteed this will give you better and enough amount of energy than coffee and tea. And honey is a cure for every disease too. Honey is very useful in controlling your periods and keeping them to occur in regular days. Honey is also useful for your baby during pregnancy.

100 tips to lose weight fast for women

Doctors always recommend that while having any meal, after eating some part of it if you are feeling that you are going to be full after eating two or three bites more then give a break to your hand.
The fact how will you be able to find out when you become full is that do a drill for one or two day that while eating, count how many bites you eat to get full completely. After when you come to know the average of how much you eat to get full, this is the time to shorten two or three bites from your average count. In this manner a part of your stomach will remain empty but you will feel full. This helps your body in losing unwanted fats while digestion is in process and you will feel a little sweaty. Don’t worry about it. It’s a good sign especially for reducing weight.

100 tips to lose weight fast for women

There are foods available in markets which are very useful in losing. Not every food is good for losing weight. Only particular foods are supposed to be OK for eating because they are recommended for dieting.

·         Tomato
·         Cauliflower
·         Onion
·         Mushrooms
·         Beans
·         Legumes
·         Nuts
·         Bread
·         Rice
·         Pasta
·         Potatoes
·         Polenta
·         Couscous
·         Apricot
·         Apple
·         Guava
·         Banana
·         Cucumber
·         Strawberry
·         Olive oil
·         Cheese
·         Yogurt
·         Grains

·         Eggs
·         Chicken
·         Fish
·         Ice-cream and Desserts

·         Beef
·         Mutton

Fiber plays a vital role when it comes to losing weight. Fiber actually boosts the digestion and metabolism in your body and you lose weight in this manner. Always but foods enriched with fibers.

Never use bread without toasting it. If you notice, breads have edges cooked well but in the middle it’s still completely white which can cause pain in your stomach. Always make sure that breads you eat are completely cooked and ready.

100 tips to lose weight fast for women

For non-veg people, it might be hard, but salads are very effective in losing weight. Salad has a variety of choices. Tomatoes with salt and black pepper are very delicious. Tomato is a fruit as well as vegetable. Tomato and cucumber takes a lot of amount of calories from your body to get consumed. In this manner you are losing calories instantly. Spanish and Italian salad dishes are also famous. Green salads are more nutritious.

Proteins are effective in dieting. Especially when you are working out for losing weight, proteins are needed then. Foods enriched with proteins like eggs and fish are very helpful. For those people who don’t like eating meat and fishes they should buy those foods which are enriched with proteins. Proteins are very effective for your muscles and hair.

Many people think fasting and starving are hard. Of course they are when you make it hard. If you fast from morning till sunset only and eat or drink before and after fasting then it won’t make you feel strange. Just do a breakfast before the sun rises and have a meal after the sunsets. This type of fast is very common in Asian people this is why they are slimmer and thin.

Always make sure you have bought fresh food and not the stored in fridge one.

In Asia, it is a trend that people after waking up do a breakfast in morning, then have a small lunch in noon, after it they have a cup of tea in the evening with biscuits, then a small dinner in night and after dinner they have a cup of green tea late night. This is a kind of good technique to keep one slim and thin because in this manner the small meals eaten get digest sooner and there’s no way for fats to save a place in the body. Having a sweets dish or dessert after lunch and dinner also make your mode better because spiciness, calories and fats don’t find much place to store themselves and they are balanced by the sweetness of the dessert. Try to have desserts of as low calories as possible.

God has bestowed human with teeth to so that he can chew. Every bite of meal should be chewed 40 times before it is taken in. In this manner the digestion process till occur faster and you will feel relaxed and never have any stool problem in your entire life.

100 tips to lose weight fast for women

Cold drinks having sodas especially colas are not good for you health if you are in process of losing weight. Soda drinks at least have 16 to 17 teaspoons of sugar in order to balance the bitterness of soda. Good substitutes of soda are juices and milk shake. In this manner less sugar is used and full taste is got. Diet sodas can also be used compared to regular soda. But they are alike when it comes to calculating the amount of carbohydrates they contain.

100 tips to lose weight fast for women

Drinking plenty of water each day can help your body in a lot of ways. 70 percent of human body is liquid and water. Daily requirement of human body is 8 glasses of water. More than 8 can also be drunk.
A good habit of drinking water is to drink it before and during having meals. Never ever try to drink water after meals because it is scientifically proved that drinking water after meals causes liver diseases and different problems.
Also never drink a glass of water in one round. Drink one glass of water in three steps.
Never drink water while you are standing. Always sit first and then drink water. Doctors say drinking water while standing is the reason for many diseases to happen.

If you are really keen on losing weight then all you have to do is to walk briskly. Walking briskly burns your fats and turns your tummy (abdomen) flat. Walking briskly has been an advice of many of the doctors. If you are a patient of blood pressure then brisk walking is very useful for you. If are too much fat that you can’t do even any of other exercises still you will be to do brisk walking. Brisk walking means walking at your maximum speed but not running. Brisk walking is a state between walking and running. You can do brisk walking while you are dealing matters of your daily life like going to market, walking in a garden and strolling.

100 tips to lose weight fast for women

You must have seen people in gyms running up and down the stairs again and again. This is a well known exercise. If you are living in a flat and it has elevators then avoid elevators. If your flat is on top floors and you can’t reach there without elevators then you can at least take stairs to pass some floors then take elevator.  If you live in a house and it has stairs then you are lucky. Keep on going up and down the stairs because it is going to make you lose fats and unwanted weight. It will consume you calories as well and in a month you will feel the difference.

It is a common experience if you keep along with you a weighting machine and necessary equipments in your house that helps you in doing exercises which are helpful in losing weight then it creates a positive environment around you about losing weight. If you don’t have a weighting machine and you never knew your weight then it will make you unaware and lazy regarding your weight losing exercises and things to do about your weight. So it’s a better advice to buy a weighting machine which is easily available online. Buying a weighting machine will always remind you about your weight and you will then try to take care of you weight.
Buying a pedometer on which you can do running exercises also helps you and saves your time from here and there outside your house. Pedometers are also available online.

100 tips to lose weight fast for women

When you are in an environment where all the things are available that you need then you feel like this is the place where I should have been ages ago. Gym and Yoga centre are those places where you can feel free to do different styles of exercises about losing weight and no one will laugh at you because rest of the people will be present there for the same reason for which you will there.
If you are not a housewife and you go for job and don’t have enough time then there are still exercises mentioned in the EXERCISE portion which you can do at home for turn your belly (abdomen) flat.

100 tips to lose weight fast for women

One of the best and easy exercises to turn your tummy flat is to ride a bi-cycle. Riding a bike is very easy and effective too. A 10 minutes of riding a bike can make you slimmer and look thin. It is also main exercise of getting six pack abs. There are women who have forgotten their cars and just love to ride a bike to get slimmer because riding a bi-cycle directly makes impact on your stomach and helps you lose weight and burn unwanted fats.
Bi-cycles and mountain bikes are very cheap and easily available online. You can order one right now and it will be delivered at your door step in a moment.
If you feel shy in riding a bike then don’t worry. There is another solution. There are special purpose cycles for exercising and it remains fixed on the floor. All you have to do is sit on it and ride it like a bike. It offers different variety of skills. It is also available online. If you need one, order it right now and it will be delivered at your door step.

100 tips to lose weight fast for women

In U.A.E and East Asia countries, it is a habit that they take some rest for a while before sunset. Doctors and researchers have found it very effective. Just like having five meals a day keeps your stomach in a relaxation mode similarly, taking some rest in mid of the day, like before sunset gives your body a mental relaxation and inner peace.

If a person eats something and then he goes to take bath then he can have stool problems and chances of getting fat become more. This is because if you eat something then your brain sends signals to your stomach to start digestion process. While if you eat something and then have a bath then your brain will send signal to your whole body prepare itself against water. And in this manner digestion will be left in its middle of the process. This is why avoid taking bath after eating something.

Wearing all the time tight clothes and doing exercise in a track suit helps you feel comfortable block your weight from growing further. Working out in regular clothes will create a little problem for you as you will try to make sure your regular clothes don’t get filthy you will not strive much but if you are wearing a sports or a track suit then you will feel like you are going to try every bit exercise you know. Track suits are also available online. You can find and order for sports and track suit on Ebay.com of your own size.

If you sometime start thinking that nothing’s working and you are not losing weight then it’s just your opinion. There are thousands of people who were very fat before and now they have achieved success and they are living like normal thin and slim people.
You can too be one of those people who are successful in this life. All you have to do is to be steady in whatever you start to do about your weight.
Remember, slow and steady wins the race. Stay focused on what you want to do and the reward is yours then.

Don’t ever give up even when it seems impossible, something will always pull you through. The hardest times get even worse when you lose hope. As long as you believe you can do it, You can! But when you give up you lose.

Researches on Obesity and Fatness


  • More than half of the adults in Ukraine and USA are over weighted just because of traveling using cars and bikes and not traveling on foot.
  • Obesity and fatness in a man is a major factor in making an idea about how long this man will live in future. (British research)
  • Researchers from USA found that people who keep themselves fit and healthy in middle age have more chances of living longer than those who are overweighed in middle age.
  • A male teenage shall have weight of 65 to 70 kg and female teenage shall have weight of 40 to 50 kg. If weight is more than it then they shall worry about it.
  • A cardiac doctor has said that if a woman is overweighed in middle age then she will not have a chance to live a healthier life after 65 years.
  • Another research says over weighting is directly related to heart diseases. Because valves of heart get narrowed for the flow of blood due to amount of fats trapped in the valves.
  • Research in Scotland proved that drinking a glass of pomegranate daily helps removing extra fat from your belly.

This is an introduction to HCG. The US Food and Drug Administration has approved HCG Drops for treatment of obesity in men and women.
HCG is an abbreviation of HUMAN CHORIOGONADOTROPIN. During the starting stages of pregnancy this hormone is produced. HCG drops are injected through an injection in to human body which is over weighed and it results in loss of 2 to 3 pounds. So if you duly have one injection of HCG for one week then you will lose 14 pounds in a week and more than 50 pounds in a month, which will make you look slimmer and beautiful just like the other thin and slim women and men.


Doctor Albert T.W. Simeons is the person who discovered the most accurate and absolute cure for fatness and obesity and it is known as HCG diet. In Asia and rest of the world, millions of people were practiced by this treatment and they lost their extra unwanted weight for life. Main parts of the body like Stomach, Chest, Breast, and Hips are reshaped with this diet easily. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved HCG Drops for treatment of obesity in men and women legal and safe.

Dr. Albert T.W. Simeons were well known in endocrinology when endocrinology was in its beginning stages. He belongs to England. While his stay in India, Dr. Albert T.W. Simeons prescribed if HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is injected in very low amount while keeping the human body in very low calorie diet then extreme weight loss will occur. In Rome, Italy, Dr. Simeons opened his own clinic and created HCG Weight Loss Protocol. His protocol is famous through out the world today.

We know you are curious to know what is HCG Diet all about ?
The reason HCG Diet and Supplements are famous through out the world because it is cheap, safe and legal. HCG is the one of the top most medical discoveries. HCG Diet is the perfect treatment to lose weight. Millions of people have tried it and they were fascinated to find that it’s working faster more than any diet or exercise. Dr. A.T.W. Simeon has practiced this on millions of people including British royal families, people with unwanted extra weight and superstars.
With HCG Diet protocol, you can lose about 2 pounds in one day which mean you can lose more than 45 pounds in a week.



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